What would you do if you are in purge night similar to 2014 movie- The Purge: Anarchy?

Purge anarchy was awesome..
i wonder what would people do if it happened in real


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  • I would have no choice but to go out and purge. Just pretend purge. Since I don't have the money for expensive machinery and high end security I am not going to sit at home waiting to die. Why? I am black and I live in a predominately white (racist) area. My family drives nice cars, we are very quiet and we've been living in this neighborhood for 4 years and not one has spoken to us or waved back to acknowledge our presence. So my family is clearly a target. So I would rather want to be looked as a threat and go out and purge then to sit at home worrying if I pissed someone off this year.

    But I would go out to help innocent people.


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  • I wouldn't go out looking for trouble, so I would just stay at home and I have plenty of guns to be able to defend myself. Lol

  • Hide in the cupboard or find way out

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