Who do you think is the most beautiful girl ?

and why do you think whoever you chose is the most beautiful girl in the world? dumb question, I know, but I'm always curious about opinions.


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  • 1. Emma Watson

    2. Natalie Portman

    3. Scarlett Johansson

    4. Maria Sharapova

    5. Kristen Wiig

    • Good picks. haven't heard of kristen wiig though, ill check her out.haha. thanx for ur answer

    • These girls are average to ugly at best except maybe Scarlett Johansson and Maria Sharapova, though they are just a little above average at best.

    • You seem to know a lot about what it means to be ugly.

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  • That's a tough one, there are a lot of beautiful women in the world. I don't see how anyone can choose just one.

  • In my opinion, physical beauty is great but confidence is super sexy! This is what my guy friends say about girls.

    • Hmmmm...yea I've heard this before. I suppose I should just listen better when people say confidence is best :) thanx

    • I hear the same

  • My mom, my cousin and sister :)
    Famous- there are so many beautiful women around the world but:
    Adriana Lima, Kelly Gale, Bar Refaeli, Taylor Marie Hill, Lais Ribeiro, Natalie Portman, Cora Emmanuel, young Janice Dickinson, Barbara Palvin, Fei Fei Sun, Mo Wandan
    Lol, yes, I'm straight.

  • adriana lima, cause she's simply sooo pretty

    angelina jolie, cause she's sexy, and has such a mysterious look

    sienna miller

    • Yea that's more of the answer I was thinking. I don't know about angelina jolie, but adriana lima and sienna miller are completely gorgeous!

    • Adriana Lima is the best

    • I agree with Jolie's mysterious look

  • meeeee!


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