Wearing cologne while wearing a jacket?

I'm just wondering if I'm wearing a jacket, where is the best part to wear my cologne? I'm using the 007 Eau de Toilette cologne. Thanks in advance!


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  • Ah my man, good question
    Take a look in the inside of ur jacket
    Near the neck area on the shoulder back side.
    Spray once on each side

    Why? Because when u put the jacket on her, she'll smell it.. And when she gets home, she'll still smell it on her hair or clothes.. And remember what I said.. Have her always popin up in her head and this will exactly do that

    • Oh, you mean directly on the neck or the two sides near the neck area of the jacket?

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    • And another tip is make sure she invests more into u than u into her, this will naturally make her more attached to u

    • Well, she does pay for most things like sometimes when we're having lunch together or ice cream, she would offer to pay for it.

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  • I'm always wear cologne when I leave the house regardless of what I'm wearing. If I wear a jacket I so pretty much what cantsay said neck area on the shoulder back side. I wear Caswell Masseys Number 6.

  • I wear perfume all the time, I usually wear it on my neck and my wrists

  • The same way you'd wear it without a jacket.

  • on your neck?

    • Directly on my neck or near the sides of the jacket near the neck area?

    • hmm, does it really matter? I think people would be able to smell it anyways ;)

    • Okay lol just wondering. Thanks!

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