Girls, what are your thoughts on guys who wear briefs?

let me start by saying that, im a normal functioning 23 year old. I prefer low cut briefs (dark colors, no y front), mostly because they keep my junk in place. now I've been made fun of by some girls for wearing them, that is till i get them off. and at 6'2 and 200 lbs, its a life style choice.

basically im curious what you think of guys who wear them. like say you go back to a guys place and he's wearing a pair of dark blue briefs, what goes through your head and such.
if you weren't under 18, I might offer a peek lol


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  • I'd giggle a little, but that wouldn't change how I felt about him

    • fair enough

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    • don't lol, I like what I wear, and I personally think my junk looks great in them lol

    • Briefs do keep it all in one place, so you get a good view ig lol

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