Guy with this description? ugly?

I have big 'Light Brown' eyes
they are similar to Deepika Padukone
but my eyelids are the problem
eyelids (Ptosis problem) look like Ranbir Kapoor exactly
with very little eyelashes
I suffer from Blepharitis :\ :(
My nose become big and cuved little due to accident when I was child
I know I'm Pathetic :'(


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  • in my opinion. dressing sense and hair style matters more, and it covers up for your slight imperfections.

    • yes , I have very beautiful hairstyle, dressing very well, many girls find me attrative
      but there are some things fate put them on my way
      I feel cursed :\

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    • You have nice eyes, eyebrows, hair style, dressing sense, that's enough..
      you don't need to feel bad :)

    • I appreciate that :)

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  • I swear, some of you people have the weirdest insecurities.

    • hell yea
      but all people have their weakness :)

  • That does sound pretty ugly.

    • ugly if u can control them
      but I can't help it

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    • No man!
      I don't like to be Pathetic or feel people treats me with sympathy
      I fight for my life and
      I'm a successful person :)

    • Ugly and successful is still ugly.

  • Baby you just need a hug, come on bring it in

    • will u? :D
      will it help?

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    • I'm confident for sure or at least act confident with people
      but when I look into mirror , I look to myself I feels bad

    • 😟 don't be like that

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