ANNUAL VACATION - how much money do you have to make to insure this?

Lee Iacocca once remarked to an upper manager - I would be more impressed with your management skills if you could take you family on vacation at least once a year to reconnect & care for them... than to work overtime here for me.

So HOW MUCH should YOU make in order to afford an annual vacation out of town EVERY YEAR? Do the math.
I'm expecting some wild answers.
  • $66+k per year before taxes
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  • $51-65k
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  • $36-50k
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  • $20-35k
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  • Vacation? I have trouble with the grocery bill! = see results
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Don't really see a MH yet, although GAG is pushing me to choose one, so the next comment has a really good chance...
Appears $66,000/yr is going to win this vote...
any other comments to win MH?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Vacations can be harder for some than others. It really depends on what is pulling your money, not just how much you make. If you are caught up with huge medical bills, you could make an awful lot and still have to put it off. If the bills aren't so bad, then less is needed. But as a general rule, I would say over 50K should be enough, but not if you are planning the expensive vacations. (Flying somewhere, expensive hotel, expensive day trips)


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  • Anyone can take a vacation. You might have to do it at a family members house, in a tent, at a low cost hotel making sandwiches at a rest stop, going to national or state parks, going hiking, lots of things to do for a minimal amount.

  • These are all incomprehensible amounts of money to me right now


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