How would you call that body shape?

If she has wide shoulders, narrow waist and wide hips, but small boobs and small ass, does she have a banana or an hourglass shape?

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by wide hips I meant the bone structure from the front view, not the circumference of the hips.


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  • It'd be I guess like a "mini hourglass". Hourglass don't necessarily always have to have large Kim K sized boobs or butt. I think it's more to do with like the ratio of waist to hips and stuff like that.

    I'm somewhat similar to what you said. I have wide shoulders like Samus in her suit, a small waist, kinda wide hips but small boobs and big butt. Some people say I still look like a "mini hourglass" but still leaning to more pear shape.

    I"m not an expert on this lol So don't quote me. But that sounds like a petite hourglass to me :)


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  • It'll be hourglass because in banana, The waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hips and bust measurement.

    • small boobs and small ass would make the circumference of the waist and bust smaller.

    • A banana is the same diameter throughout. So for a banana figure, think of the boobs, the waist and the hips being relatively the same width. But you said waist is narrower so it's hourglass actually.

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    • Here are characteristics typical of an Inverted Triangle body shape:
      Shoulders are noticeably wider than your hip-line
      You may have strong-looking shoulders
      Your body figure may project a sporty and athletic physique
      Great legs often come with this body shape
      Your hips look straight given your shoulders being broad
      You have little to no waist definition

      I said she had a narrow waist and wide hips :/

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    • and lol you using your fav model as an example. I think some people would say she's a rectangle/banana shape judging by the pic examples various websites chose for a 'rectangle/banana shape'

    • Hmm maybe, like I said I'm not an expert. That's just how I look at it.

      I don't see how she can be a rectangle, look at the hip to waist ratio :/

      Post a question with her pic and ask them to vote what bodytype she has


  • An hourglass or something more unique.

  • Umm, hourglass, I guess.

  • That something else should be called.

    Every woman is beautiful no matter what.

    • I didn't know her body sounded so ugly, she needed positive affirmation -.-

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  • I have no idea.

  • Maybe an inverted triangle shape

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