Has anyone ever used color oops?

It's a color remover for dye that isn't bleach


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  • I have it sucked all the red from my hair and left a brown caramel color.
    Pretty awesome stuff.

    • I had bleach highlights just added lowlights and I want to fade them but don't want to damage my hair which is already fragile from bleach. What do you think?

    • I don't think it works that way on bleached hair. It removes colors from your hair that's too intense though. If you look into and it promises to even out bleached hair then I would go for it. It didn't damage my hair any more at all and it got rid of the intense color that I didn't like so it was a good investment.

    • I want to fade the lowlights. In those sections she added darker dye to the highlights to make lowlights so I want to fade it

  • I have I was a dark brunet and it made my hair a weird gold orange then again every one has own experience


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