Why do girls' underarms always look smooth? How do girls shave?

I have a girlfriend, her underarms look smooth and just hair follicles are appeared while hairs are growing up. Besides, I've seen a girls in public (underground, bus, tam etc.) she levitates her arms to hold column, I see her smooth underarms and they're super white. Same occasion is in my school. Girls sometimes wear strapless and her underarms look hairless :) How do you remove your hair to provide long-term smoothness? What do you prefer? Waxing or epilating? When do hairs grow up again?


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  • They grow back everyday.
    They most likely shave and since they're going against the grain, it's smoother.
    They don't do it for fun, its a tedious task I assume to be a woman.
    I'm not a woman.


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  • I dont think any girls use the epilator for their underarms! I prefer waxing cause it lasts longer (2 weeks or so) and leaves the skin smoother than shaving.

    • Hmmm waxing is nice I've heard its reputation among the girls :) Epilator devices can also remive the shortest hair on the underarm and leg. They have individual positive sides.

    • Yea I know but epilators hurts too much on the underarms! I just use them for my calves and wax the rest haha

    • Ohhh nice :) I've also tried epilatir once before :)

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  • i wax my underarms. one of the only areas i wax. that's to get the best results.
    if I'm in a hurry ill only shave like, little hairs trying to grow lol.


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