How to decorate a" hippie room"?

Hippie/hipster is my personality and I want my room to match so how could I decorate my room to match my personality?


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  • So you need to ask OTHER people what to decorate YOUR room with what YOU like? And also, that you're apparently a "hippie" (which represents counterculture and doing things your own way).

    Beautiful fool, indeed.


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  • Make a collage. (overlapping disorder of small pics, artwork, etc)
    Get tons of old and new magazines, comics, newspapers, etc.
    Cut out all the pics that you find interesting or relevant. Color pics work best.
    Use old and new R&R bands, movie stars, Elvis, Madonna, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Manson, maybe some unoffensive nudity, etc.
    Put them all over your door with scotch tape on the back to make them easily removable.
    Be more formal on your walls with posters and stuff that complement your collage.
    They can be framed or frameless.
    Use your obvious creativity.
    Change it at will.
    I's cheap and fun.
    Send me a pic if you do it.

  • How can you be both hippie and hipster? The two are at complete odds.

    • I have a unique personality. I have a bit of both

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    • Because it is impossible to embrace the entire ideals of the hippie culture, while still identifying yourself as a hipster. I'm not doubting your uniqueness but it's almost like you're claiming to be a vegetarian who also likes to eat meat.

    • No I'm saying I hav the beliefs of a hippie while Ilike the hipster dress more

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