What kind of clothes should a I wear?

I need to buy some new clothes, so I'm wondering what to get. I'm 5'8", and I'm pretty skinny, but not completely void of muscle. So far, I've been wearing low boot cut jeans with running shoes, and a polo with a plain undershirt. I'm not really into like, beach shorts, or anything like that, so any ideas?


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  • well the boot cuts seem like a good choice of jeans and if you wanna try the slim fits, they look good on most guys and just so that I kinda know how much do you weight? and as for shirts I would say lighten up with some printed tee's like volcom and dc and likes... the v neck kinda fitted tee's also look great on guys in general

    the button down shirts like plaid or striped casual ones, I personally like how they look on guys regardless of their body shape because they make a guy look more in shape in a way

    its hard to give you advice because you don't say much about your style, but if you don't want to go too preppy or too loose fits I would say try shopping in stores like anchor blue or even pacsun

    if you need further help lemme know


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