How would you feel if your girlfriend put a video like this up on the net. (Video included.)


Let's say your girlfriend put this up.. What would you think?

Also what do you think of the video?


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  • She's a cutie, which is a plus, but she's a poser, which is not so hot.

    Overall it's a good little piece of art.

    • Poser lol.? Posing how?

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    • No, I'm really curious. I've never heard of portishead until she told me to look up her video, but the song seems to be about "women power." I mean I feel like she's being appropriate in an 'artsy" way, but like I said, I don't think people are going to get it.. Did you get it?

    • I turned the sound off. My mood does not fit well with that song.

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  • I like the video. It had sex appeal but it wasn’t down right explicit.

    If my girlfriend put something like that up I would be asking for a private show... If the world gets sex appeal… I want buck wild.


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  • is that you? and why are you asking this question?

    • Umm you are supposed to "answer" my question.. I'm not supposed to answer yours.. Lol.

  • you wore a shirt as a dress.

    • I didn't, but yeah, she did.

    • Lol don't mean to blow your cover but the girl is obviously you. "She" just created her account yesterday and uploaded that video today. It's alright you don't have to be embarrassed, the video is pretty good. :)

    • It really isn't me.. I wouldn't be embarrassed I really like the video too.. When she uploaded her video doesn't make a difference as to who she is. Don't you think she told EVERYONE she knew to go watch it? I just thought it was very artsy and I really liked it, but our other friends are giving her a hard time about it and I just wanted some feed back.. Thanks.

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