Do guys like when girls wear their clothing?

Me and my Boyfriend were talking about buying new wardrobes, etc. He then mentioned how he buys a new wardrobe after every Girlfriend he's dated, because they usually wear his clothes, boxers, undershirts, etc. I ask if he liked that? He said yes, because it makes him think the girl is thinking about him, when he comes home to find her in his clothes. I gave him a weird look. I wouldn't think of wearing his clothing, because that would mean I'd have to go through his drawers, (snoop) to find something. So my question is, should I wear his clothes? Surprise him one day when he comes home? Do guys really like when girls wear their stuff? I don't want to be like his Ex's ! besides, I think wearing his undergarments just so I can feel closer to him is sick. Being in his home by myself, on his computer, watching his tv, etc is more than enough for me. I mean, I wouldn't mind wearing his jacket, but not his undergarments. What do you guys and girls think ? Maybe I'm missing something here !


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  • shirt or hoodie/jacket w/e hat and scarf are good I think nicking his pillow case is quite cute

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