Where can I find the kind of girl I'm looking for?

I'm looking for a beautiful, nice, mature girl that doesn't smoke, or drink (or a little is ok, but preferably not) and that actually thinks about her future aside from the next big party this friday night.

Where can I find girls like this? Where is a good place to meet a great girl such as this? Is there like a place where girls like this go often? I'm 19 and I want a relationship, but I don't see a whole lot of girls my age that I'm interested in for a mixture of reasons, I'm not looking for sex, I want to wait until my wedding night... :)

I just want a great girl that I can trust and fall in love with, and spend some quality time with. Where are some good places to find girls like this?


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  • 1. Church. If you're not religious, look up some non-denominational ones in your area. Plenty of people go to church for the spiritual guidance and not because they're committed to one particular religion.

    2. Volunteering. I met some of my nicest, prettiest, most stable and responsible girl friends at a summer camp where we were counselors for disabled kids. Not only will you meet some great people, but it is tons of fun and so rewarding.

    3. Activity/interest groups. People who share a certain hobby usually have other things in common too. Join a club or take a class or workshop in something that interests you... if all else fails, at least you learned something new.

    I agree that places like the mall (and bars, for my age range) aren't very good places to meet people. They are environments that are good for superficial socializing and not much else. More than anything, just do what YOU like to do and trust that the right girl will come along eventually.


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  • Online dating websites are your best bet. They allow you to search by all your criteria.

    If you're adverse to that then there's no one place where you will find girls that meet all your criteria. You just have to talk with them and find out more about them as you get to know them.

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