Is it weird if I like dressing up in women's clothing and makeup but am straight? I don't know why I do it, it just really turns me on?

do any women enjoy dressing men up as a women?


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  • I think you get to pretend you have all the girl parts to play with and that in general turns you on. I cross dressed with a female friend of mine on Halloween . That night I tried it on and it turned me on real fast... I don't cross dress normally, fellow female friends on GaG, just... sayin..

    I think the reason why this turns on you all goes back down to how society defines normality. According to society, girls and boys are different. I'm not agreeing with it, I'm just telling you the honest fact. First thing when we're born, we are wrapped in either a blue or a pink blanket. Girls wear high heels, guys do not. Girls wear fancy dresses, guys wear suits. Girls play with dolls, guys play with trucks... or "action figures". Girls are treated as princesses, needing to be protected, guys are tossed in the air and played rough. As we develop civilization, there is a greater and greater rift between the two genders. I think when you cross dress, you are changing your identity to a female, and that turns you on. After all, Clothes are what define femininity "I'm a female, I have all these parts, I'm someone else." That mindset is what turns you on. Lets face it, high heels were originally for men. Now that they are exclusively for females, you may be turned on by wearing high heels. I don't know. This is my opinion. Any other ideas you are free to argue in the comments. Just do it maturely.


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  • I have a guy friend who wore my BFF's lip gloss once... I thought it was odd, but he is really feminine... But overall, no I don't think it is weird. Guys always seem to enjoy the Womanless Beauty Reviews.


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  • As long as you're not taking clothes without permission, I don't see it as an issue.

  • It's not weird. I do it too.


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