Why I can't get them smooth, girls any tips?

Ok here's the thing when I shave my legs they grow back like the next day and they never ever are smooth ever I don't understand why I can't get them smooth girls any tips? And don't say waxing please because its just the same outcome for me and its not like I'm really hairy cause I'm not


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  • Hello. First I want to ask you a Question. Do you apply body lotion after shaving? And most importantly, do you shave your legs with shaving cream? That's all I could think about. I hope you find your answer soon!

    • Yes! I think lotion afterwards is more important than shaving in the first place. Also, I shave with shampoo. I don't know it may sound weird but my legs stay smooth for like four days, and I never get razor burn. :)

      P. S. Who wears short shorts? Nair wears short sorts!

    • I do use lotion and yes I use shaving cream and lol if tried the shampoo thing and conditioner but nothing helps

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  • You know they are doing great stuff with lasers these days, I mean if the nair doesn't help you might want to look towards modern medicine


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  • I was going to suggest using conditioner, but have you tried shaving with cold water? It may sound crazy to shave while you have goosebumps, but the reason being is that the hair is already out of the pores when you have goosebumps and it takes longer to grow back because of that. Just be sure to lather well so you don't get razor burn. Also rinsing with cold water closes up the pores. Hope this helps!