Girls which brand do you prefer and why?

Tell me which brand you prefer and why? You can suggest any other brand too.
  • L'Oreal
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  • Maybelline
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  • Revlon
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I forgot to add Lakme so if you're in its favor write D in comment box. Thanks!!


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  • I have a tendency to buy Maybelline mascara but lipstick, eyeshadow, Foundation and the other necessities is Revlon.

    • Revlon do have darker shades I mean , maybelline is all cool but revlon has maturity... if you could understand what I mean.

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    • Thanks For MO :)

    • You're welcome :)

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  • Depends on what you're buying. I don't buy that much drug store makeup but if I had to choose from the 3 it would be Maybelline because they have the best mascaras EVER!!

    • Yeah! it don't smudge like other even though they promise that it won't.

    • Besides my pocket money doesn't allow me high ends... so yay! drug store make-up.

    • When I first started out I only used drugstore, they have some really good stuff if you look around.

  • TooFaced Or Stila are my favorites. I'm not really a fan of drugstore makeup

    • Too Faced's melted lipstick looks nice and Stila has vivid colors... I was thinking of trying Stila's countless color Pigment, my skin tone is olive so which one should I buy?

    • Hmm, Encore or Acoustic would look nice

    • Thanks!!!

  • Maybelline is my favorite out of the three

  • Smashbox is my fav

    • It's not available at much places in my country.

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    • Smashbox's primer is great.

    • I just saw one at my friends home her sister uses it...

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