I am a guy. How do I dress classy?

I would like to start dressing classy. How do I do this? What stores do I go to? What clothes should I buy? What should my wardrobe consist of?


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  • One's idea of class usually differs from one person to the next. When people attempt to "dress classy" it's often difficult for them not to end up looking like a spiv!! If you have to ask such a question, you should probably give up. You don't want to look pretentious. lol


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  • There are tons of awesome brands for men, you just have to think about the price your willing to pay.

    • Ralph Lauren (but it's maybe a bit too obvious, what really impresses me is when guys can find not so obvious brands and even cheaper brands and dress nicely/classy).
    • Acne Studios
    • Givenchy
    • Helmut Lang
    • Balmain

    Medium to cheap:
    • Paul Smith
    • Zara (has the most good looking and cheap clothes you'll find in my opinion).
    • H&M
    • COS

    I think it's really easy for a guy to dress classy or nicely, whether you have a lot of money or not. You just have to have an eye for things like that :)

  • Wayfa yet sunglasses, polos, oxfords and sweaters. Good stores are probably tommy hillfiger and Ralph Lauren


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  • yeah be specific, what kind of classy? fucken polos and top hats? or what?

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