How do I suggest to girlfriend that she get her belly button pierced?

its cold here and I was looking at this bikini picture of girlfriend and 2 of her friends from summer , the one has her belly button pierced but she doesn't , I just think it look really good on her and I've always liked the piercing on girls , she has such a great body but then I wonder if she wanted one wouldn't she just have got one by now as I know almost all her gf's have one as I saw them at bar last summer and pretty much all of them were pierced there.

how do I suggest to her to get one in a way that be approiate and show her the benefits of having one other than just I'd find it sexy on her , and it be best if she got it soon as winter is a good time so it heal before summer when she be swimming outdoors


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  • Just casually say that she has a really cute stomach and ask if she has ever considered getting it pierced.
    Tell her you think it would look great on her.

    If she doesn't want to do it, don't bring it up again.
    Getting a piercing is something the person themselves has to want to do.

    • I agree its something she has to want to do , she doesn't have anything other than ears so not sure she's into piercings but her best friend does have her's pierced so maybe she could help me convince her but would she find it inapproiate if I told her I though her gf's belly piercings look really good on them?

    • Yes, whatever you say don't bring up another girls piercing looking good. She will think you are checking them out and if will get Her offended. Just leave it alone if she is uninterested.

    • *it will get her offended

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  • We'll be sincere yo her and tell her that you'd love her to have her belly bottom pierced, and you could give a piercing if she agrees to have one. You both could go together to buy it, that way you'll be completely sure about the kind you find the sexiest in her body.


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  • I don't think you're suggesting anything weird or taboo, and the fact that a lot of her friends already have them probably means that she won't think it's a strange suggestion, either.

    Ask if she's ever thought of getting one, and tell her that you think it would look really good on her. You can then decide how to proceed, based on her reaction to the suggestion.

    Good luck!

  • Just talk to her casually about tattoo's and piercings then just say "I find belly button piercings really attractive have you ever though about getting it done?" and see what she says.