To dread or not to dread?

So, I used to have dreadlocks, and I probably would have them had I not been around a pair of buzzers while on acid. (Very long story.) anyway, now that my hair is grown out a bit, I really want to dread my hair again, but my husband really doesn't want me to! Im afraid of looking unattractive to him if I dread my hair, but I ak also sick of having this mop of hair that I can't do anything with! I'm terrible with hairstyles, and my hair is so nappy as it is, that I would be best just shaving it all off or dreading it, neither of which my husband wants me to do! Help!
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  • why not try a new hairstyle then? get some advice from your friends and maybe your husband too.

    • They just say to let is grow out, and it looks so good, but little do they know that ot is a 2 hour long battle to get my hair presentable. Every morning I wake up with the start of dreads and then I have to spend 30mins to an hour combing it out, and then another hour+ to flat iron it. Its absurd to expect me to do this every day with a toddler and my own buisness to run!

    • well you know better for yourself. what about short hair? would that be more easy to maintain?

Most Helpful Girl

  • dreads are gross.

    • What makes you think that?

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    • My old dreads looked very good. I had the ends loose so my curls would show, and had the hair around my face loose as well. I have a straightener, but my hair takes so long to do, and I dont necessarily have 2 hours to do it, while I have a crazy toddler to tend to.

    • I hear ya, I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old so my hair is almost always in a ponytail. lol
      The way you explained the dreads sounds better than what I was picturing.
      It's your hair, do what you want :)

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  • So he prefers the loose mop of hair?

    • I guess. It doesn't make sense to me. My hair is a disaster 98% of the time, but he would rather not see me with dreads, which look really great with the type of hair I have, and are wayy easier to maintain!

  • in my opinion always follow your heart no matter what, regret sucks


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