What is some good makeup to wear for brown eyes?

what's is some good makeup to wear for brown eyes?


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  • I have hazel eyes and I use the Naked 2 Urban Decay and Naked 2 Urban Decay basics.
    First I use the color Stark all over my eye from Naked 2 Urban Decay Basics.
    2. I take the color Tease from Naked 2 Urban Decay. and put that on my lid.
    the rest of the colors are from the Naked 2 Urban Decay
    3. I take Blackout and put a SMALL amount on the outer corner of my eye lid Like if I put eye liner on right there!! like very little!!
    4. I take Suspect and put it in the center of my lid.
    5. Take Snakebite and and put it in the outer crease and blend Blackout and Snakebite together (dont add more blackout just blend what u have)
    6. I like to add a bit more of Suspect.
    7. Put Bootycall in the tear duck.
    There is like a ton of more combinations but thats what I usually use.

    If I don't want any type of golden color I just use the Naked 2 Urban Decay basics.

    If your can't pay for this try Almay. They have similar colors and have sort of the same effect.


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  • no make-up.

    your eyes are beautiful without... make-up won't do any good on them, trust me!!!

    • thanks but I don't wear it out or everyday I baught it so I could just do it for fun just to play around with it but I'll probably wear some to someone's wedding Im going to in may

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  • For light brown eyes- go for pastels hues or browns to cream pinks, darker hues are cool as well such as blues. Use brown eyeliner with dark mascara.
    For dark eyes (me)- pastels can work but glittery eyeshadow works the best, blues/greens. Black eyeliner with mascara.

    Whatever the colour use a brow pencil as well.

  • Deep shades that will highlight your dark eyes (dark grey, navy blue, brown, black, deep plum, etc)

  • I think dark colors would be good.


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