Can anyone learn to have style?

Is having style for everyone or certain people? I need to learn how to have style because that word doesn't exist in my vocabulary. I have never had style which I know it hurts my chances of getting a girlfriend. I have tried to read magazines to try to understand what style is in, but simply can't afford the things that are in style. I also don't have a girlfriend or any friends to go to stores with and give me feedback about what looks good. When I do have to go to the store I never try things on because I feel embarrassed about it; I just buy things right off the rack. Right now I mostly wear whatever I can find that is clean and I don't match very well. Army camo pant aren't the most stylish and a lot of things are stained because the clothes I wear I use to wear when I work in the garden, I need help finding style with a low budget, is that possible?


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  • Sure you can learn to have style. Some people are born with it but if you weren't that doesn't mean you have to do without!

    -You don't have to have designer dollars to have good style. Looking at the magazines is good because it can give you an idea of what's current. Luckily there is a trickle down effect from the major designers to regular stores. Meaning the major trends and looks in the fashion magazines will be copied and altered by everyone else since they basically set the standards.

    Here is a link to Detail's Fall Fashion Preview: link

    You can also look to style icons such as celebs and musicians to give you inspiration. That doesn't mean copying their exact look, but you can look at what they're wearing and incorporate some of that theme into your wardrobe.

    -Try things on because fit is really important. A guy can wear a simple white shirt and jeans and look soo good just because of how it looks on his body.

    -Wear what feels comfortable to you. Don't wear something if you don't like it or it doesn't fit right. If you don't feel like you just don't do it.

    -If you aren't sure look at the mannequin and copy that. When you get used to picking outfits out you get better at it. Just trust yourself when you feel that you're getting the hang of it. You can also ask the sales associates for their opinion


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  • All right you have probably heard this 10,000 times but I'll say it anyways. The only style you need is YOUR OWN style. Be yourself bro no one likes a faker.

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