Why do I feel so ugly and not attractive for guys?

I like fashion, urban fashion I follow fashion blogs. A lot of pics on there are selfies, people who are not models and done at home.
Although, it has about thousands reposts and people all over the world think those girls are pure beauties. Im jealous, I think? I compare myself to them -Im very ugly and not interesting.
And they are not even models. How do they do it?
How can I feel more pretty and make guys like my appearance? and just have better image of myself or self esteem? (i dont even know what to do...)
Also, do guys percieve beauty the same ways girls do? I mean, maybe in my eyes this girl is gorgeous and I try to look like her, but guys eventually won't even like that look?


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  • Girls can only be beautiful in my eyes if her personality is beautiful. If she's too stuck up or a total snob, I immediately lose attraction. I dont care if she's on the cover of Maxim. She's not wifey material.

    Start opening up and talking to people. Dont make life about beauty and start enjoying the beauty of life. Men will take notice.


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  • Can you post some of the blogs? I like fashion blogs and new ones are welcomed ^^ Stop comparing yourself to people and find what you think makes your beautiful. That is the only way to be truly happy.


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  • Stop looking at those blogs. Realize that looks aren't everything. I don't have a clue what you look like, so I couldn't offer any insight further than that.

  • Worry about yourself. Not others.


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