Girls: What is going on with my hair?

I have really thick hair. The top few inches are really soft and nice but the bottom few inches are sort of coarse. I don't heat damage my hair or use any other chemicals on it. Split ends aren't really a problem. Why is the bottom few inches like that? How can I make it like the top of my hair?

Also what kind of hair brush or comb should I use to make it softer? Any product recommendations?


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  • it's because the top of your hair is new, fresh, healthy hair that hasn't been damaged because it is still young. the bottom few inches are your ends, the oldest part of your hair. they get old and brittle and damaged over time. get a trim, use a deep conditioner, and don't use excessive heat/hairspray. brushing your hair when its wet can be damaging too. use a really good conditioning and moisturizing shampoo. good luck


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  • it is probably cheap shampoo you're using that's damaging the dry ends or you go out in the sun a lot.


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