Okay first job attire and im nervous?

So this is my first job. And I haven't gotten it yet but I have a strong feeling about this.
I don't wanna be one of those people who ask a million questions, and I've looked up all these questions on business sites. And I read their dress code policy. But I still have questions.
Im going to work for bon-ton cosmetics.
It says black... does that mean all black? Or can I wear a dark navy or dark grey? Is spashing color on a day okay?
Can I wear leather? Leather pants or jacket?
It says no jeans. What about my new black jeans that look fabulous on me?
Can I wear a hat? A beanie or a wide brimmed fedora like seen on ahs?
Can I wear shorts? They're black and appropriate. Classy. What if I wear them with tights?

Every question I looked up had mixed reviews. Im a teenager and im not obese or ugly so if I wore shorts or leather I wouldn't make their own store look bad.
Please help.
Wait and tattoos. I have 2. Can I keep them? And I wanted my nose pierced for years I was finally gonna get it. Can I?


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  • The first few days of your job you need to stay neutral and see what everyone else is wearing. No jeans is no jeans, get some black slacks.

    If it's not jeans then no hat/beanie. Your jewelry needs to be conservative if you wear any. I would not wear leggings or tights but actual pantie hose.

    I know it sound boring, but see what everyone else is doing before you start trying to change it up. I also wouldn't wear leather the first day either. There's nothing wrong with starting conservative, but you can't make a mistake go away.


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