I am scared of letting my hair down and wearing jeans, what should I do to overcome my anxiety?

I am a college student and I don't have many clothes that I can wear but I would like to dress better for myself. The problem is I feel people would stare at me and it scares me. I alway wear oversize t-shirt and sweat pants. I just would like to wear something nice without getting attention or that just how i feel. I don't know how to get over it because I should be able to dress any way I want. I guess I hate how clothes look at me because I am 36 pound overweight and yes I am working toward losing it but in the meantime I want wear what I want to wear, I no longer want to wear sweats but I feel that people I knew in Hs would judge me.


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  • Wearing oversized, baggy, or otherwise ill-fitting clothes will actually exaggerate any extra weight you're carrying. Wearing clothes that fit well and go with your body will likely help you feel better about your outer appearance. Any attention that you get from wearing better fitting clothes will likely be positive and complimentary. People may not even pay much attention to your change in wardrobe or comment about it. Oftentimes people are too busy worrying about their own selves and how they look to focus much on you anyway.

    You may want to check out ShopYourShape. com, it's a pretty simple website that helped me figure out what my body shape is and then gives tips on what kind of clothes will flatter your shape best.

    • It makes me nervous if i get a compliment. Which scares me or whatever.

    • To learn how to overcome that anxiety it's important to figure out what is actually the cause of it. Do you feel that when a person compliments you that means they're judging your body, which (because you're insecure with your body) results in nervousness? Like, you'd just rather not have any comment about your body at all?

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  • Do you wear a t-shirt in the winter? There are lots of nice flowing sweaters you can wear that look very nice and professional. If you want to keep the sweatpants, you can do a hoodie and a vest and go for a sport look, have you tried that?

  • You wear sweats out?


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