I need advice in Weight training and GETTING BIG?

I am planning to hit the gym and am wondering on how I can put on muscle mass like I am 5, 11 and I have very lanky, so I want to bulk up and get tonned, is their anything people can suggest to help me like what type of workouts and what food should I eat if you have any feed back and suggestions it be awesome
any help


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  • sign up for the gym and if you have any friends that have gym knowledge then go with them, that will help a lot. but if not then look up basic workouts online and start with simple things working out your chest, biceps, back, triceps, shoulders, and legs. never ever skip a leg day, when you get more in routine you can do legs twice a week but don't ever skip, its important. working out your legs releases the testosterone stored in your body and benefits muscle growth. you wanna get big? do squats. when doing any type of workout don't EVER worry about how much weight you're lifting, we all had to start somewhere. just lift what you can handle that isn't too heavy or light and make sure you use proper form and technique along with slow and controlled motions, this will build muscle efficiently and effectively. I strongly suggest you find a friend who works out because looking up this information on the internet will be a hassle. @JackKerouac77

    • as for diet, increase your protein intake, drink a protein shake after your workout, make sure to drink it within 30 minutes or less. buy something that contains 100% whey and is GMO free, take 2 scoops of that and mix it with water or almond milk, water will absorb the quickest but not taste as good. as for real food, eat more natural foods but make sure to eat enough protein so like, 1 chicken breast with a sweet potato and broccoli, brown rice should be more than enough protein and complex carbohydrates plus fiber a meal to get you what you need.

    • yea I can manage the lifting and all of that its just like what to eat and how to eat is important that I dont know

    • yea sounds good sorry I read the food post after thanks

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  • For bulk, I suggest higher-reps in the 10-12 range. Lower reps with heavier weight ironically is not the best route for acquiring mass, and is primarily used to develop brute strength in sports like powerlifting.

    If you're a hard-gainer like me, I would stick to basic movements like the bench, squat, overhead press, lat-pulldown, barbell curl, etc. Also, hard-gainers will have a hard time gaining bulk eating totally clean. Some guys add super-high calorie foods, such as lasagna, fast food burgers and ice cream to the mix. Powerlifters have suggested this kind of diet to me for gaining strength, but that's a different story.

    This is from an article in TESTOSTERONE NATION featuring IFBB pro Johnnie Jackson's off season diet:

    Meal 1 12 Donuts (6 glazed,6 chocolate), bottle of sprite

    Meal 2 McDonalds - Steak bagel meal, bottle of sprite

    Meal 3 eggs, potatoes, pancakes

    Meal 4 McDonalds - 2 quarter pounders with cheese, fries, 2 apple pies, sprite

    Meal 5 McDonalds - 2 quarter pounders with cheese, fries, 2 apple pies, sprite

    Meal 6 McDonalds - 2 quarter pounders with cheese, fries, 2 apple pies, sprite

    • okay the problem is i dont know if I am a Hard Gainer, how do I tell I am kinda a lanky guy so idn if i need that to put on mask

    • If your workout poundages, bodyweight and body measurements stay the same after weeks (or even months) of training, and you're kinda tall and lanky to begin with, you're more than likely a hard gainer. I wouldn't adopt the Johnnie Jackson off season diet, unless you have a voracious appetite for fast food lol. However, throwing in some lasagna, and an occasional Oreo milkshake from Jack in the box, on top of lean foods like chicken, steak and fish, won't hurt, and might be fun...

  • Chances are if you're naturally lanky you will never get big.
    But I would suggest eating LOTS. Mostly meat and other protein. Lift weights- high weight low reps. Squats, deadlifts, benchpress, shoulder press, curls, barbell rowa. Look these up if you dont know how to do it.
    No cardio- cardio burns muscle.

    • yea I think that is an issue but can it be overcomed, like can I some how surpass that like I just want fitted shirts not like massive body building

    • Ok thats realistic.

  • @BertMacklinFBI should be able to help


    • thanks loool and currently not but planning on doing it up

  • Lift heavy. Eat a lot. Change up your workout routine from time to time. It's not rocket science

  • Try a good protein shake I guess?

    • loool anything else I mean I want to know good exercises and like what to eat how much and all of that

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    • Well, know that it's not about how many pounds you gain or lose. It's about inches. If you want muscle, your either gonna gain inches, or lose inches then gain them. Don't let the scale control you. Second, it's about you. Make getting in shape & becoming healthy be about you. Don't do it for the ladies, or for your girlfriend, wife, society or etc, do it for you! Hope this helps :)

    • well its a bonus for all sides

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