What should I wear to my bffs wedding dinner?

So my bffs wedding is in 3 days and until now i still dont know what i should wear. so should i wear a dress or kebaya with knee length batik skirt? If dress, what kind of dress? I'm 5'4", 108 lbs, tan skin, pear/hourglass body figure. i dont want to wear black by the way


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  • Black is probably not a good move at a wedding, unless you are posting from an Asian country.

    Wear something that looks good and is comfortable. Women get a lot more leeway in terms of clothing at events than men do. With men, you pretty much have to wear some kind of suit at a wedding.


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  • Maybe your friend has a specific color theam to her wedding. You should coordinate whith her

    • Nope. She said i could wear whatever i want. But i dont own that much dresses, the dresses that i own are either too short or too tight (i gained weight). So now i have to buy a new one buy I don't know what kind of dress i should be looking for :(

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