I need help picking out some new contacts. Girl's advice needed.

The last time I had an eye exam was about 15 years ago. Now I'm considered legally almost blind. I'm thinking of getting some contacts. I'm probably going to get a set of clear contacts and a colored one for the weekend. What color would look decent to nice with my eyes? I was thinking of going for light brown or a greyish tint.


Here are the eye balls if you care to help. Thanks.


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  • um its just a link to your profile and we can't see anything unless we are your "friend". But I really doubt you need color contacts. There is nothing sexier than staring deep into a guys eyes. His eyes. But if you really just wanna get them for fun or whatever then you need to post a pic so we can see what you look like and give you our opinion

  • uh it links back to your profile...

    what color are your eyes originally? and what color is your hair?

    • My hair is black in the shade. It has a tint of light brown when I go into the sun. Eyes are brown or dark brown, not too sure. Skin is white in the winter, and tanned in the summer.

    • Um ok... I personally REALLY like green eyes on a guy and I think it would look good with your dark hair... like REALLY good. light brown could look good as well, but I mean you already have brown eyes... if you're gonna get colored contacts, why not make it fun and get blue or green? I dunno, that's what I would do... :)

      Good luck!

    • Now that I've seen your pics... I would go with a light brown, I think it would look good!! :) And still show that you changed your eye color a bit... :) have you ever tried picnik.com you can upload a picture of yourself and change your eye color... it's pretty cool and it may give you a good idea... :)

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