What do girls think of dreads and how long do they take to form?

I have long curly hair think dreads will be cool I'm really into nature and pretty chill so I think they will be good fit people with dreads how do you like them are stereotypes bad in kind of worried especially cause I live in a conservative town and are dreads a lot of work


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  • Mbrace jah rastafari mothers mon. :) in order to keep yourself out of that stereotype you have to think about what other people are experiencing when they see you are you a clean, respectable guy, or do people see you as kind of a punk, are you neutral? Aslong as you dont start wearing dirty cargo shorts and wearing grungey tshirts I think dreds look great on men. Just take care of yourself and you won't have any issues. a lot of my friends have had dreads in the past and they all looked great! But I see people at the bus stop with dreds and I can't help but think they look grungey, so like I said before, look after yourself, rock the dreds. e

    • Ps! Show me your hair!!! I like long curly hair :3

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    • I don't feel like a profile picture right now but I'm born in November, and into like all of the stuff your into I might need to hit up Canada one day.

    • Scorpio? Ahhhhhh were gunna get along just fine my friend. Lol :p

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