How wrong would it look?

If I go down to his house,well not even his would it be wrong if went over?

sadly I wasint ganna go c or meet his family..more like I was ganna go chill with him without her knowing


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  • oh coarse it would NOT be wrong, what is wrong with going to hang with a guy you like at his moms house? if that's where he lives, there's deffientaly nothign wrong with it. even if he got his own house and he wants you to visit his mom there's nothing wrong with that either. its good to get to know your boys parents, just like I know my girlfriends parents.


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  • Who's house? What's the situation?

    "if I gave her $20, would it look weird?"

    - the donation lady?

    - The hooker?

    - paying the gas person?

    - Your mom?

    - Sister's best friend for no reason?

    • -His mom's house I guess lol..but nothing much he wants me to go dwn to his house,he's came to mine before.

    • Sounds fine, just go?

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