What does a guy look for in a girl?

Now I know, this question is probably asked many many times. But what does a guy look for in a girl?

If you are from the ages of like 16-19 are your preferences of a girlfriend different?

How about if you are from the ages of 20-25?

Or how about from 25+? --

are guys at different ages differ in preferences ?

or do all guys have a universal traits that they look for in a girl?

and how does the different age group see "beauty" in a girl?

Thank you everyone :)


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  • do different ages entail different preferences? (yes)


    - "beauty" is most highly valued at this age

    - looking for someone "hot" to show off to their friends the caliber of girl that finds them sexually desirable

    - looking for multiple girls just to have sex to validate their concept of how sexually desirable they are to the opposite sex

    (period; that's it)


    - lack of "beauty" can disqualify; but its mere presense is no longer enough to qualify a girl

    - start becoming aware and more interested in character and personality

    - a dishonest, exploitative, or manipulative nature will disqualify a girl

    - looking for emotional affection, caring, comfort, love and warmth

    - looking for someone to have fun with (activities, travel, intimate moments, etc)

    - looking for someone to have a great sex life with

    - looking for someone who isn't dependent on him (financially)

    - looking for someone who is doing something with her life (career/education)


    - lack of "beauty" may no longer disqualify a girl

    - a demanding and unappreciative attitude, or sense of entitlement can disqualify a girl

    - emotional affection, caring, comfort, love and warmth can be enough to qualify a girl

    - someone fun is an added bonus, but no longer as important

    - sex is still important, but lack of a great sex life (frequent/passionate) may no longer disqualify a girl

    - looking for someone who is already somewhere in her life (career/education)

    - looking for someone who can contribute to the family (ie. earns more than she spends, can control her desire to spend on things she wants for the good of the family)

    - looking for someone who will make a good mother; (because he wants to start a family)

    universal traits?

    - physical appearance

    - sexual desire (someone practically asexual is the same as someone cheap; what's the point of being hot or rich if you're asexual or cheap?)

    - caring, sweetness, warmth, and REAL emotional intimacy

    - someone on the same level (similar interests, ways of thinking, great chemistry)

    - a deep interpersonal connection, where you both feel close to one another

    - productive; someone who will ADD to your life.. not TAKE AWAY from it..

    - motivating; someone who makes you WANT to make them happy, and take care of them; and realize your full potential.. someone who makes you feel like you can move mountains when they're next to you

    - communication; someone who communicates, not manipulates.. someone who compromises, not demands until they get their way.. someone who understands you.. respects you.. and who is happy when you're happy.. and upset when you're upset.. so that nobody feels used or taked advantage of.. or ignored.. so that every step in life feels like you're making it as a team.. together..

    • I love that you included "REAL emotional intimacy". A lot of people do not understand the concept of emotional intimacy and how important that is to having a relationship as time goes on.

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    • I guess I'm the only one who disagrees with you.

      Heaps of points in the 30+ range apply to me, same with the 20-29 range and none in the 15-19.

      Either you're overgeneralising (is that even a word?) or "I'm mature beyond my years" : D

    • I'm sure you are a more mature and it's a perspective things at times. It also goes with how we are raised

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  • You probably won't like this answer. When guys are very young, mostly they are looking for a sexual adventure and nothing more. As they age in their later twenties, they start to look to settle down. That is where a lot of guys make wrong decisions in a mate. I am sure you have seen couples that just don't match at that age. As guys reach their 40's and 50's, sex slows greatly. Men start to become more of what women wanted at a earlier time and focus on their inner personality and love. What kills marriages at that age is with the sharp decline in sex drive in men, men do not feel good about themselves in bed. They fear that the woman will be more interested in someone else, because he feels that she thinks he is no longer interested in her. Its all about the sex drive !.

  • I wouldn't say that men are really all the same. Most of the time for young guys it's all about making others jealous or all beauty. However there are some men that care very little of the beauty of the girl and more for the connection and real emotion they feel for the girl. I for one had a crush on a girl in my class because she read the same books I did, listened to the same music, and I felt comfortable being around her. She was flat chested (flat chested as in bra not even necessary), short, and was a little pale. None of it mattered to me, because she was someone I truly connected emotionally with. Best homecoming ever was with her. Sucks she moved 2 continents away... Oh well nothing good lasts forever it seems. The problem is romantic type guys can't stand being rejected by their first attempt at asking a girl on a date so they sort of just don't even try lol. (The only reason I even asked her was she didn't have a date the day before homecoming so I figured it was my best chance)

  • The only thing I can say that is true of most guys is that as they get older, they become less concerned with how a girl looks and more concerned with everything else about her.

    In my case I've always had a thing for athletic girls, but it wasn't really a priority. One thing that HAS always been a priority, however, is intelligence. Brains are the single most important thing a girl could have and one of the things I am not willing to waver on.

  • Well I'm 22. I look for a girl who is...

    1. Hot (People say it's shallow but there's nothing wrong with finding someone physically attractive)

    2. Smart

    3. Has ambition

    4. Has a cool interest/hobby

    Although I'd like to find the love of my life, I'm really not in a good situation (interning abroad) and I couldn't settle down if I wanted to. So for me, beauty is much, MUCH more important. Hell, if I can pluck up the courage to talk to a hot girl, then it doesn't really matter about anything else.

  • The older we get, the less picky we get and the more we use words like "doable".

  • From 16-19, you'd be surprised but no.. There not that much different we are looking for a girl that has descent looks and a great personality and has interest in our interests.

    Guys ages doesn't determine their look on women its their personality, if there kind at heart there probably looking for someone who accepts them for who they are, sort of like a long-term scenario, and I've been talking to my friends who a lot of my friends that are girls consider kind hearted *I'm one yay ^^* would never plan on cheating, we might say something that might provoke the thought, but our intentions are innocent. While the guys that seem full of themselves will mentally go over the girls and take the best looking one, probably not gonna last long but hey its how they roll and I accept that.

    Universal Traits: OMG yes! Descent looks, personality and interests somewhat close to ours, (You like horses, we like cats, still animals ^^) and a figure doesn't hurt, (not hourglass magazine girls >.> were talking natural body figure that kinda looks like a peanut, basically if we can see year waist year golden)

    I cannot answer the age group *beauty* but I think the universal traits cover that, but I know currently for me if I was searching I would be looking for a girl that is confident about herself, she knows she's looks good so she how's it faintly, or she know she got a little love handle but she shows em anyway.

    Recipe for Success : Normal figure + Good personality + Common interests = Honeyboo =D

    *guys opinion. A single guy (+ a friend or to) year personal relationship may differ =D good luck ^^

  • No order, but it's easier to separate the answers.

    1. Flexibility. Guys' schedules change a lot, and the willingness to hang out or go on dates on a whim sometimes is a sign that you like me.

    2. Do not assume that if I do not want to have sex with you after the 1st, or even 5th date that I do not like you. I, unlike most guys want YOU, not just what's under your bra and panties.

    3. Do not suggest double dating for a while. Yes, if we have been together for a while that's fine, but otherwise it seems your uncomfortable being alone with me.

    4. If I suck the first time we have sex it's because I'm nervous, not because I do suck. Yes, you're not the only one that's nervous, and we are the 'almighty' male, but remember if you can't get wet because you're nervous there's lube for that but if we can't get hard, we might lose out thus here comes mr. buzz.

    5. Do not lie and say things like 'i just got out of a bad relationship' or any of those things that are supposed to be nice ways of telling us off. I've had plenty of times I thought I was gonna be with a girl because of these. Guys like it straight forward. After all, we are guys and can get over you, but it's harder if days and weeks and possibly months go by and we think we have a chance with you because you're too much of a prude to tell us like it is, if you don't like us just tell us.

    Theres more, but that's a good start.

  • im 23, ill be 24 next month and I'm looking for a girl to marry and start a family with. My girl is 19 turning 20 but she is actually looking for the same thing too. When I was 16-19, I just wanted a girlfriend to hang out with and get busy with. And when I'm 25+ If I'm not married yet, I'll still be looking for a girl to marry and settle down with

  • Well I like girls at first because I feel a vyb you know, its possible to like a very unattractive girl with very bad personality just from this vyb. Once I feel the vyb I check their personality by getting to know them, if they are nce they approach the friend zone, really pretty available and interested in me equals eligible girl, otherwise its the friend zone.

    I prefer a girl that will make otherr guys jealous, omg ! that's your girlfriend ? you lucky bastard you !

    • Omg! you are like such a typical guy hehe

    • Not really, but it would be unfair to have a girlfriend your friends didn't approve of, on so many levels. Making that a requirement makes everything easier for everyone. I amso not a typical guy. =b

  • men are simple beauty is the most important thing (unless he is looking for marrage)

    and you have to be is beautiful witha somewhat nice personallity that's it

    • Sorry, but that isn't the case at all. Most of us cannot claim "beautiful" as our status. Just walk a busy street in a city and look at those holding hands. The girls are not all beautiful nor are all the guys hot. Luckily, a lot of average looking people are in relationships. You can be overweight, too short, too tall, losing your hair, crooked teeth, bad dresser, etc., etc. and have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Being beautiful does not guarantee you a relationship.

    • What if the guy is ugly? He can't be choosy and demand a beautiful woman, he would have to be more realistic.

    • Ugly would have to depend on personal preference though

  • Personality, pretty face and an athletic body. In that order.

  • She got to be athletic and kind sweet and loves to work with kids that are in need.

  • i like pretty, funny and smart girls that like outdoor activities and sex...i'm sagitarrius


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  • Since I have been on here for a while I have definitely seen different versions of this type of question, though yours is interesting as it adds the dimension of a change in perspective at different ages.

    I know as a woman I had different ways of selecting a guy based on my age. When you are a teenager it is all about "He's so cute". In your early 20's you still tend to consider looks but you also consider somewhat how productive/successful he is. In your later 20's or when you are ready to marry you look at whether he has a good job and would make a good husband/father. Now, after a long marriage and divorce, I look at whether he will make a good lover and partner who sincerely cares about me.

    I will let the guys give their version of a progression in perspective and hopefully you are lucky and get an older man's perspective on how he changed over the years.

    I can say this, I completely understand our desire as women to feel attractive to the opposite sex. When we are really young we can believe that physical attractiveness and sexual compatibility are the key to getting a guy. This belief can even persist for many decades into our adulthood. But the reality is it is much more complex than that. For every type of figure and look you can find in a woman, there is a guy or a group of guys that will find her attractive. Take a look around. Do you only see super model status women with boyfriends? No. In fact, sometimes the very attractive are the ones without a current boyfriend. Again, that is because selecting a partner or a mate is so much more complex than looks. And, you should know by now that having sex with a guy, no matter how great it was for him, is no guarantee he will become your boyfriend. So all these posts where girls are wondering if guys prefer a girl who is this height, but not that height, or this weight or shape or hair color are all a waste of time because they miss the mark.

    Yes, having that special something that turns a guy's head and gets him to start talking to you is of value, but luckily that special something can be a whole lot of things. There is NO universal look that all men will go for. And, once you have their attention from a physical perspective, well there is a lot more that goes in to him seeing beyond his initial physical attraction to you and some of that has to do with him, where his head is at, and there is nothing you can do about that.

    In the end, what a guy is initially attracted to is different for every guy and it is not what he will fall in love with. It is simply a starting point.

  • 16-19: this age most boy (but not all of them, thx God) prefer "beauty". that one girl who looks beautiful and dress cool and sexy clothes, and turn heads... that's the kind of girl they want... the one that looks hot and cool. and when they get to know them, most of them just want sex, and don't care if the girl is a b!tch or a dumb bimbo.

    20-25: in this time of life, most guys sure feel attracted on the first time for girls with good looks and a cool and feminine sense of fashion. and when they get to know the girl, they sure value a lot a girl who can carry a conversation in a friendly, smart and mature way, so they can have that girl as a good choice for a serious relationship. they sure won't give much value in a dumb girl who can only offer looks and sex.

    more than 25 is the same as 20-25.

  • this is a really good question and the answers were all great. thank you for asking this.

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