Outfit ideas? I'd appreciate having a picture to go with it?

My fashion sense in a way id explain it as
Leather jackets, jeans, boots, normal t shirt underneath jackets, also buttonups casually worn, hoodies under jacket, aviator glasses, plaid shirts, then there's the side of me that's classy and than it's all about dress shoes, suits once in a while, tux, sweaters with collared shirts, tucked in casual collared buttonups, scarves, dress pants, casual suit jackets etc.
once in a while I'll pull out a beanie and tank tops with my longboard and boarding shoes.

Anyways ik that's a long list but if u guys dress like that and sometimes u don't really wear two things together but if u experiment and it ends up looking real nice, ex, I have this hoodie that's nicely fitted and it was good but when I wore it with my black leatherjacket and jeans and boots I really liked the look.

So any outfit ideas for those kind of clothes or any suggestions on things I should add to my wardrobe according to how I explained myself would be greatly appreciated, thank you n if u've read it this far ure awesome 👍


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