What hair color do you prefer? Don't tell me natural because no.

By color I mean unnatural color like pink, blue or purple. Let me know and whether you like it dark, pastel or bright. Don't tell me natural because no.


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  • That 100% depends on the person. To me the ability to pull off an unnatural hair color is something you either have, or you don't, period. Some people I think perfectly pull off unnatural hair colors:

    Ariana Grande:


    Hayley Williams (she's had a variety of hair colors but red/orange is her most common):


    Gaby Dunn is another, I think she perfectly pulls off having deep purple hair, although no pics came up on Google of her with it. She's in Buzzfeed videos, though, if you want to check that out.

    I think deep colors look best. It looks much more subdued. I have yet to see anyone pull off bright unnatural colored hair without looking ridiculous.


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  • Natural is best color because yes. Oh my God, unnatural hair color looks fucking tacky.


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  • i like red or any kind of blue.
    lilac looks amazing on pale women. so does silver.

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