Mmmmm well is this okay dressing lol?

So I always wear my lime green and grey headphones around my neck, my black hoodie half unzipped with usually a black t-shirt with something on it underneath, blue jeans and my shoes which are black, green trim and one has hot pink laces and the other neon orange, I don't have a sense of style is this such a bad look?

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  • Sounds fine, but stick to one neon as much as possible.

    • Okay, if I go green (I LOVE my headset) could I still wear one lace a different color? Like I want to get neon rainbow ones again so maybe one foot goes green and the other rainbow?

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    • Ahh, yeah. I think that would be fine.

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What Girls Said 2

  • You should try to reduce the colors on your outfit. Neon cookouts are very bright. Sometimes you have to blend bright and full colors together

  • my imagination says you look fine. kinda punky


What Guys Said 2

  • You are you - no one else can, or could dress exactly like you. Wear whatever you feel great in. I know its simple but its the best style advice you'll ever receive - because once you stop caring about what OTHER people think - you'll dress better AND you'll be more confident and so people will THINK you're dressing better!

    • Haha that's why I dress this way, for me so you get it! But I wanted to know if this was a decent look in other peoples minds too :P

    • Yeah sounds pretty cool. A lot is dependant on your age, looks, height, what you do for a living etc.

  • On the good side if I have the correct visual in my head.