How can I get over this...

i am a cutter. I usually cut on my lower leg but recently the cuts that only bleed a little isn't enough I want them to be deeper I don't know what to do?


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  • I used to be a cutter so I know how it can make things feel better physically. Honestly I've never stopped. Instead I wento into body modifications (piercings/tattoos). They seem to help a lot more, plus they're easier to explain the slash marks all over you body. Getting the stuff for it is actually fairly cheap so consider it compared to cutting.

    Tattoo gun:

    Ink pen


    phone charger

    motor (I use an rc car but you could also use a cassete player)

    Take the pen apart, cut off a piece of the ink cartridge and shove down the tip of the pen.

    Cut the jack off the charger (part that plugs into the phone).

    Grab the motor that you've salvaged and connect it to the charger. red to red, black to black. Or if they'er not color coded the red wire always goes to the left.

    Mount the gun to the pen shaft. (way I did it was bend a piece of metal at a right angle and used glue and electrical tape)

    Put the button on the on the motor.

    You can use the E string from a guitar for a needle.


    Burn plastic.

    Collect the soot on a piece of glass or smooth metal.

    Scrape it off and mix it with either mouthwash, lotion, or shampoo.

    Make sure it's thick but poorible.

    It's actually a lot safer then it sounds as long as you use a steril needle ever time. Black tattoo ink is only carbon mixed with a liquifier. which is all soot is.

    as far as piercings go to

    I tell you this stuff as an alternate to cutting. It's like a drug and once you start it's almost impossible to stop.

    • You're giving a young girl the advice to substitute cutting herself with piercing and self tattooing? Are you kidding me? There is nothing wrong with body piercing or tattoos but its not a substitute for cutting yourself.

      I'm looking into online one-on-one concealing sessions for her so why don't you keep the f***ed up advice to yourself. You're helping no one when you say something so stupid.

      Use your head. Gez.

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    • If this is part of who you are, that is fine, although I would recommend getting tattooed by a professional. I find tattoos and piercing sexy in moderation. It should not however be used an alternative for cutting yourself. You're confronting nothing. Of course it's going to be a better alternative then cutting but what are you fixing? Its simply another outlet to mask your emotions.

    • Actually you're wrong. It's a form of art. It expresses your emotions a lot more clearly then just scars and slashes. It is recomended to get tattooed by a professional I agree but in some senses doing it yourself can bring a lot more meaning to your work rather then just the feeling of the needle on your skin. In all actuallity tattoo shops only exist because of the sterile enviroment where as if you know how to sterilize your own equpiment then going to a shop isn't rearlly necassary.

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  • You should speak to a councilor.

    • Yea and have my parental units find out funny..they would freak

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    • I told the police today and they told the police that my friend chriss was the one doing it not him. now I'm back home and I can't seank out. he nailed my window shuut

    • They would "over" react? I think you're "under" reacting.

      Ever considered, maybe you cut yourself because you're so out of touch with your emotions you feel nothing, so you come to the conclusion pain is better then nothing at all?

      thats one of the main reasons I do it

  • Well the cutting is not the issue. Cutting is just an effect of a deeper issue. You need to figure out why you feel the need to do it, and work on that issue!

    • I have no idea y I do it tho?

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    • I already went to the police he's lied and told them my friend did it. now I'm home with them and can't get out.

    • Your story is getting less and less believable.

  • why you do this?

    • To tell you the truth I did it by accident one night while I was washing dishes and it felt good so I did it again just to see if it felt the same and it did. now when something upsetting happens that's what I do.

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    • I have decided to let you help me I will open up to you as much as I can...

    • Good open up as much as you want I'm here

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  • Its not something that you could just stop doing its a medical condition and you need therapy and meds to help you cope with what is going on in your life. The reason you cut yourself is because doing that makes you feel better and forget about everything that is going on in your life its like your way of coping with things because everyone has a different way to cope with problems that they are having. I could help you just feel free to message me.

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