Why did my ex stand me up...twice...

Ok so my ex and I broke up less than a month ago, we only stopped speaking for like a week and a half then we were flirting etc again (he broke up with me, in a text going out a year and a half, very messy). We both enjoy sex with each other and we got to talking and he said he'd like to have a bonus night etc or be fb's...I said ok...so we made a date for the end of the week and we'd been sending dirty texts and pics to each other saying what we would do. The day before we were to meet up he didn't text at all. But I did say to him not to stand me up the next day, would meet him at 1.30pm halfway between our houses (we live 1hour away from each other) anyway I didn't hear from him and text him the next day before I left saying I was about to leave the house and to let me know now if he wasn't going to show. I didn't hear anything so I went.. He was not there. I text him and rang him and he didn't get back to me. about 6 hours later he said he went racing with his dad and had no reception or money to text when he did get reception. He is 23 and I'm 28. I accepted what he said even though it sounded really dodgy. anyway we then arranged to meet at my house on the wednesday night, three days later. Again the texts and webcams were on fire and we were having fun. The tuesday night he said he would come after work the next night although it might be late and he's packed a back to stay over. Come wednesday I never heard from him all day but I assumed as he was at work he was just busy and id see him after. he didn't show, I waited without food as we were supposed to order food when he got here and I was sat in his fav lingerie. I text and asked him when he'd be here at 9.00pm he didn't reply, by ten I called him and there was no answer. Then he turned off his phone. Next day I still didn't hear off him tried to call again and he said I'm at work. leave me f***ing be! and that's the last I've heard off him its been three days and nothing, I asked him to explain why he did that and he didn't answer. I have never did anything to him, thought we were having fun etc he broke up with me so he doesn't have any reason to hurt me...what is going on? please help!

please someone answer


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  • I don't think he is worth bothering with if he is willing to hurt you like he has. I think that you should take the upper hand and ignore him personally.


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