Homecoming Dress or Outfit. Need help

Ok well our high school's homecoming is next week and everybody wears blue and gold (our school colors). People get pretty into it wearing all sorts of things. Me and my friends were gonna wear soffe shorts and put yellow hand prints on the butt. And then wear high tie-dye socks. But we're not sure what to do for our tops. Any ideas?


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  • I don't know about the handprints.. Personally I find it a bit tasteless and hinting towards something it shouldn't be hinting towards. I'm all about being cute and having fun but I bet you'll get a reaction out of the guys that you wouldn't exactly want. ie: rude comments and jokes, or even some trying to grab your butt. Just a helpful suggestion..

    But for the tops I would just wear a cute tank top. Or even go a little 80's and wear a yellow tank with a blue off the shoulder shirt over it. That's always cute. Good luck and have fun! :))


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  • interesting...i know my homecoming you went in formal wear...not semiformal...like you were thinking...and it didn't have to be school colors...it could be w/e you wanted


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  • I would layer two tank tops... if the soffe shorts are blue, then put a blue tank top under a yellow (same color as the hand prints) tank top or vice versa.

    Although, as ashley90 said, you probably will get rude comments about the hand prints, but wtvr...

    Have fun!