How to dress after weight loss?

im 21 and i recently lost some some weight. im still plus size but i would like to dress more fashionably in order to present a more attractive appearance when in public. my problem is i have no idea what to wear because i have been overweight my whole life i usually wear whatever fits which is usually a jeans tshirt and flip flops but im tired of this untidy appearance but i notice when buying clothes it ends of being the same just a smaller size. i just want a really basic wardrobe to wear to college and 1 or 2 dressy pieces since im continually losing weight. also im a broke college student so money is tight. any suggestions or online stores or looks would be appreciated. thanks!


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  • It depends on a lot of things. Difficult to say since I can't see you.
    Black makes you look smaller/thinner, if that is what you are going for. Avoid white. Go for high waisted pants if you have a bit tummy and a muffin top. If you have aeas you are not yet comfortable with, cover them. Like if you are insecure about your thighs, wear loose skirts that cover them.

    Don't get fooled by those "one size fits all" stores. It's lie

    • um if it helps im abour 5'6 and 250 pounds (still big i know but smaller than i used to be)

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    • Thank you so much, you've been really helpful. I know some of these things may seem obvious to some but I was unaware. :)

    • No problem :) it is suprisingly difficult to buy clothes when your body changed shape. I'm happy if I helped you.

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  • why dont you try some frocks or maxi... they adopt to any body shape very well even if you are over weight

  • Go see a personal stylist at Nordstrom. This is a free service.

    • I don't live in the us.

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  • A nice piece would be a cowl neck sweater dress, with a belt. Under you can wear leggings or jeans, and I would recommend tall boots.