Should I blame him for what I did?

So my dad found out that i was texting a guy friend, but he doesn't know he is my bf. Yesterday i told my dad that he erased the messages on Facebook, when in reality i was the one who erased them. Would it be a good idea to tell my parents that he is the one who erases them and then tell him to lie for me. NO BAD COMMENTS PLEASE I KNOW THIS SOUNDS STUPID BUT PLEASE DONT.. I just want to know if i can tell my bf to tell my dad that his Facebook account deactivates by itself and some messages and contacts get erased?

or should i tell the truth to my mom?


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  • Lying could probably get you out of trouble but if you want to be with this bf for a while, you don't want your dad mad at him. He will always forgive his little girl but will never like the boy who is taking her away from him if he thinks the boy is a lier

  • i don't think your father would buy that excuse. I also don't think it's wise to introduce a guy in your life to your family beginning with a lie.

    • the lie is a only a temporary solution (and not a great one) to an larger issue that would need to be addressed

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