Is it safe to shop for clothes online?

Online shopping has become a trend nowadays. But is it safe?

Thank You all!


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  • Yes, if you buy them from reliable places. A lot of normal clothing stores such as H&M, Forever 21, Monki, Gina tricot, Urban outfitters etc sell their clothes online as well. I've bought quite a few of my clothes from them online and I've never had a complaint. I've also bought some clothes from amazon/ebay (which mostly consist of private sellers/companies) and I've never had any problems there either. I've only had to ask for a refund a few times because my package didn't arrive, but stuff like that happens sometimes when something gets sent to you from the other side of the world. If you buy from ebay/amazon, make sure that the reviews are good and that they're preferably a top seller. They tend to be pretty reliable. Also make sure to double check with sizes and such too. Knowing your measurements is really important, because for instance, an Asian M is more like an S and so on. So it's always better to check the actual measurements than the size numbers/letters.


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  • Yea it's safe, I just bought a Irish Aran handmade cardigan 100,000 stitches very nice it arrived today safe and sound. And I know it's genuine because it came with a certificate of authenticity.


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  • weellll iv never bought clothes online yet so i can't help, but i have bought a few home decor things as well as a belt... which is close enough i guess. i think it would be safe but gosh u have to be absolutely positively sure about everything to do with it.
    the site ur getting it from
    the length
    how it would fit on your body shape as opposed to the model.
    cost and shipping.

    yeah. so just be careful=]

  • Yea, if you buy them from a site you're familiar with. Most shops have websites now so just start buying clothes from the sites of the shops you trust.

  • Yes it is safe
    Visit the sites that are trustable