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Guys, let say you meet up with a girl on a date and she is beautiful, nice body, young, smells good, pretty feet, sexy eyes, nice lips but...her hair looks kind of nappy at the ends and you can tell she is wearing a wig. Its not that her hair looks like a mess. Its just that you can tell its a wig and a little nappy at the ends. Would you totally be turned off by her? Its just her hair.


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  • I'd work my way to gently finding out the story behind the wig. in general, wigs are a turn off. If you don't have a real reason to wear them I think it's just weird. I guess I don't get it.

    Now if she had a real reason to wear them, then it wouldn't bother me.

    • Alot of women do it especially black woman. Its just quicker and easier to have different hairstyles. There is nothing weird about it at all if you are used to dating black women.

    • I guess I can understand that a little bit. I wouldn't turn someone down based on something like that but it's still a turn off.

  • I certainly wouldn't pass up that deal, but she'd definitely have to wear a dark red wig sometimes because that's a hot hair color.


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