Homecoming? Please I need some help here!!

So I have been so excited to go to homecoming with my boyfriend for so long, but he just informed me that he isn't going to go with me... I have my dress already and I really wanna spend the time with him, any idea that'll convince him to go?


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  • Theres a difference beetween can't and wont.

    -If he can't go ask him why and you can accept or reject his reason.

    -If he just simply won't or doesn't want to go with you should realy reconsider your love for him because it seems that you care for him and he just doesn't want to return the emotion.

    -I know this may seem slutty but if you simply MUST have him go tell him that you can do something (sexual) afterwards, if that is something your ready for or would be willing to do.

    • I know he is def. in love with me lol he just really hates dances they make him feel uncomfortable I guess he told me he'd go to prom with me because that's the most important one but that's it... buyt I also dnt wanna oush him to go if he's not gnna be happy you kno

    • Hmm I suppose, but relationships are supposed to be for you. Your supposed to want to make your partner happy and hope for it in return (atleast what I think) Tell him how it makes you feel.

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  • Ask him what changed his mind. He could be uncomforable with social situations or just dances. He couldn't have the funds to buy a suit(my case) or something else.

    Find out what his reason is that he all of a sudden doesn't want to go.

    As for convincing him. Tell him how much it will make you happy. And reassure him that nothing will go wrong. Tell him he'll have a great time, you'll make it so. And if not it's just a silly dance.

  • dear I hope ur boyfriend will acompany you to ur home...but I never get into such situation ,wish you all the best


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