Is it weird for a brother-like figure to be looking at your boobs?

The other day my friend (who is like a brother to me) was making fun of my boobs because I jump when I get excited and he said when I jump my boobs bounce (which they don't. you need like a microscope to see them bounce) anyways he was all like "you act like they're not that big! They bounce every time you jump!" (I'm only a B cup) well yeah anyways. I'm the only one he's ever commented on like that. All guys look right?

Or should I start worrying about him? He used to be one of the only guys I KNEW I could be naked in front of and they wouldn't get turned on at all. It's not like I should worry about him being into me should I?


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  • Not really. He's a guy. You're not. You're not related. Maybe you see him as a brother, but it's not reciprocal?


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  • Ok well if you are attractive and naked, all guys would get turned on, except maybe your dad.

    As for the situation, you never know, people change, feelings change.

    • Lol. But the guy is like my brother. We do everything together. But we're not really good friends. Like I can't even explain the relationship. He treats me EXACTLY like his little sister and I treat him EXACTLY like I would if I had a brother. The thing the other day was just weird. oh and today he got mad at me so he bit my neck. That was weird too. Normally when he gets mad at me he just football tackles me. He's never bitten my neck before.

    • Like I said, people change, feelings change.

      Havn't you seen all the questions on this website about guys who like girls who have been their friends for years, but they are afraid to say anything? I have seen a ton. Could be the same situation with this guy. Or maybe not, you never know for sure until you ask.

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  • He's a guy. He may be a brother-like figure in your eyes but he's not your actual brother so it's normal for him to look at your boobs.