What are most guys looking for???

First meeting



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  • That you are not a freak, not a super brainiac as in your head never looks up from all the books you read. Not quiet. Can carry on a conversation. Has something to say, stands up for her beliefs. Is independent as in knows the difference between living with parents and living all by yourself. Must have friends. Must still have contact with immediate family once in awhile as in at least once a week. That you are not a total b*tch as in you respect the people around you (the nice ones at least). And I always find out on the first date what you plan to do with your life at least within the next year. In other words, someone who has a plan or destination in mind on life.


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  • Asking what most guys are looking for I think is a bit difficult. We're not all the same, just like girls aren't all the same. We're influenced by our jobs, our upbringing, our friends, the books we read, shows we watch and games we play.

    I would say if you are physically attracted to the guy, and he is to you, and you can carry a conversation and make each other laugh... that's a really good start.

  • Like if I'm saying hi?

    -eye color



    -cuteness level lol

    and the ass if you walk away.


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