Can this hat be dressed up?

Okay, so my hair is at that point of needing to be washed but I didn't get the chance to today and I know I'm not tomorrow either (I have super curly hair so this isn't just some quick shower process). I'm going somewhere that requires semi-formal type wear (not like, prom-esque but just like a knee length skirt and proper shirt) tomorrow. I seriously would just like to wear a hat tomorrow but I'm not sure if the hat I have is appropriate.

I could only find online pics of men's hats in this style but the black one looks a lot like the hat I have (except my hat is wool):$_35.JPG

Could a hat like that be dressed up a bit? Like, if you were to wear it with an outfit like this:

Would that fit under semi-formal or something similar? Or is the hat too casual?

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I managed to find a female equivalent of the type of hat I have, apparently it's called a newsboy cap:


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  • It'll ruin your charm!

  • The hat is way too casual will mess up the outfit