Guys, what do you like to see a girl wear?

I will wear what is comfortable to me and I am not changing who I am for a guy, so please don't say, "it doesn't matter... be yourself". I mean colors, styles, etc


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  • Jeans, leggings, jean shorts, t shirts, summer dresses. Relaxed and casual


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  • I like girls with leggings, jeans, and just a tee or a plaid shirt. I like reds on a lot of people. And comfortable but feminine is the style I like to see on girls.

    • I'm quite glad I'm not the only person who has this love for red clothing :)

    • @Cressey hahaha ya there is actually science behind the attraction of the colour red! I find that quite interesting :)

    • Haha thought there might be, I've always liked it, just had no idea why :)

  • I like to see myself in comfortable clothes too. I mainly prefer fitted hoodies, tees, jeans, sweatpants, tennis shoes, and occasionally something dressy