Met a guy and he asked me out later that night. Attraction or desperation?

i met a guy that I knew when we were very young. we exchanged numbers and he texted me that night. we talked for a bit and he asked to hang out sometime.. would you say he is genuinely interested or just desperate enough to ask out an almost stranger?

i guess I'm just weirded out because it usually take a long time for a guy to ask me out...


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  • i agree with BW

    he's interested... besides, if asking out an almost stranger is desperate, than what way is there left to meet new people that's not considered "desperate"? see the problem with that definition?

    it probably takes those guys a long time because they're shy and because ur under 18 and guys that age are just shy and nervous in general

    stop being weird and just either text him back to flirt or text him back to tell him ur not interested

    sheesh... all the drama for nothing...


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  • interested you look cute. I don't think its desperation.


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  • No because if his willing call you and make the move instead of you, then he likes you, but it's up to you if you want to say yes. : )