Why do people think curly hair is nappy?

My hair is curly. Okay? You're not supposed to be able to run your fingers through it! I think... I hate using combs, brushes, or anything that pulls on my hair. I spend a lonng time separating my curls. The hair typing system is soo stupid. I hate when people feel the need to say I have 4c hair just because I am black... I don't follow the hair typing system. Everyone's curls is different. Ugh, curly hair issues.


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  • Nappy is just another word to put you down. There's not too much we can do, especially when you have older generations who grew up being called nappy headed, that suffered through perms and severe heat to have straight hair- hair that is totally opposite of kinky hair or "bad hair". You have their children that were raised to believe this as well, you have blacks that were raised with whispers in their ears about how lucky they were to be born with looser curls "good hair". They literally grow up being thankful they don't have nappy hair and have negative thoughts about our hair... Our kinky curly hair. Oh well, not everyone thinks this. It's none of my business if they do or don't. I've got better things to worry about like my hair lol

    • Lol. I had curly hair as a baby. Sadly my mom put a perm in it since all she could not manage it. It is kind of sad since no ones in my family really knows how to do there hair. I ended chopping all ym damaged hair off and going natural. I still don't know how to do my hair in styles. I spend hours on YouTube trying to learn how.

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    • *their my spelling sucks

    • I was 9 when I got my first perm and 16 when I got my second. I cut it all off almost three years ago and just started wearing an afro. It took time to adjust and figure out what I really wanted to do with my hair. Sometimes I wear it in twist out like the picture that @TheReturnOfRae posted, or I'll twist it back and wear a turban style scarf. I wore a weave for about a month that I learned how to install myself. Sometimes, I'll wear a wig. I just do whatever I want to my hair, because I have that freedom. No more perms that take away my versatility! :< keep learning and working at it lol there are women in their 40's that have to go natural that are starting from scratch right now. I had no idea how to French braid three years ago. I even learned how to make wigs :P

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  • If she's comfortable with curly hair and really likes it, I won't speak a single word against them.


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