Hey girls, are you Hijabi or not? And if yes what kind of Hijab do you wear?

And if you are a guy you can vote what type of Hijab do you like your girlfriend/fiancée/wife to wear.

  • Non-Hijabi
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  • Shayla
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  • Khimar
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  • Al-Amira
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  • Full Hijab (Chador/Niqab/Burqa)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I wore in public n holy places only. in home , cinema , club i wore tight n less clothes. I dress according to place


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What Girls Said 4

  • I don't wear a hijab since it's not in my belief, but I do think that shayla and al-amira are cute. The others covers too much of the person in my opinion. What would you prefer?

    • I prefer Shayla on girls I think its stylish but at the end I respect the girl's decision because she is the only one who has the right whatever she wants to wear.

    • Yes I agree :)

  • I wear between Shayla and Khimar, along with an abaya.. sometimes I wear a french jilbab. It depends on the day.

  • al amira , but i take it off when im away from my husband family.

  • I just wear when I go to mosque, which admittedly is not very often. Bad, I know.

    • Not bad I'm not a practical Muslim myself.

    • I know, but it's just a bit hypocritical I think or like I'm just putting on an act at mosque

What Guys Said 2

  • I voted non-Hijabi because it's not in my culture so it's not required around me :-)
    by the way I respect your beliefs.

    • I don't have religious beliefs but some part of Islam have been some part of Islamic countries' culture.

    • I can understand.

  • I really like the look and feel of hair but some muslim girls look good with their hair covered.

    • It depends on their face shape and type of hijab they use.